Equipping Believers

what every disciple ought to know

The Doctrine of Christ

The six Basic Principles

The foundation must be laid properly for believers to move on to spiritual maturity in Christ. This unit of study presents six areas specifically identified in God's word as the elementary principles of the doctrine of Christ: Repentance from dead works, Faith toward God, The doctrine of baptisms, The laying on of hands, The resurrection of the dead, and Eternal judgment. 

The Holy Spirit and You

Why all believers must receive the holy Spirit

Believers must depend fully on the Holy Spirit to be all they can be in Jesus. This study covers all the basic aspects of the Spirit filled life including the baptism with the Holy Spirit and the operation of spiritual gifts for the edification of the body of Christ. 

Personal Evangelism

the great commission in Action

Most people come to Christ through personal evangelism. This practical course puts the Great Commission under a microscope. Believers learn how to share Christ with others and the biblical blueprint for personal testimonies. 

Spiritual Warfare

I saw satan fall like lightning - jesus

God's word refers to Christians as soldiers engaged in a war against evil forces. This basic course teaches believers how to enforce Christ's victory over the devil including the casting out of demons.

God's Plan for Giving

the grace of giving

The way Christians handle money is a very serious matter with God. This unit of study identifies biblical principles and guidelines for managing finances God's way. 

A House of Prayer

transforming prayer in the church

The church established by Jesus Christ is a praying church. This study unveils the five progressive layers of prayer in the Early Church. It is designed to transform the way believers individually and collectively approach and engage in prayer. 

God's Plan for the Ages

What the bible says about the end times

People are very interested in the end times. This study follows God's plan through the Bible from beginning to end including the signs of the end, the rapture, the rise of antichrist, the great tribulation, Armageddon, and the millennial reign of Christ. 

Divine Healing

By his stripes we were healed...

The healing ministry of Jesus continues today. This unit of study examines how Jesus healed people and builds faith in believers to receive physical healing and to minister to others who are sick. 

The Praise and Worship of God

for champions of true worship

God is seeking true worship and true worshippers in every generation and place. This study seeks to transform the standard of praise and worship in the hearts and minds of believers through the restoration of Davidic praise and worship. God is desiring the perfecting of praise in His church. 

Biblical Standards of Morality and Marriage

the pursuit of holiness in life and marriage

This study is designed to combat the moral decline among Christians. It included a renewed call to godliness and holiness with an emphasis on God's redemptive plan while presenting a decision making model. The study addresses the top social issues and details God's blueprint for marriage.  

Visions and Dreams from God

bible guidance on how to discern them

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit entails the occurrence of visions and dreams from God. Many believers struggle with their meaning and interpretation. This brief study will equip believers to discern those that are from God and those that are not.